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Welcome to Saint Louis Devastating Divas (STLDD21), a one-stop site for quality products for Delta Sigma Theta sorors!  STLDD21 was founded because as a fellow soror myself, I believe that every Delta deserves to feel like the devastating diva they are. STLDD21 was designed in effort to provide both quality and affordable Delta Sigma Theta Paraphernalia. I am a certified and licensed vendor specializing in custom and personalized products.We also carry some stock items.

Our goal is to establish a lasting relationship with customers, and this goal is accomplished by providing excellent customer service and providing quality merchandise to all customers. We sincerely thank you for trusting and supporting us on our journey.  


- Soror Juakena Callion 


 All orders will be verified and confirmed by email within 12 hours of ordering. All customized and personalized items drafting process will begin in the following business day after receiving your order, and will be sent to the customer for confirmation and approval of the mock-up. 

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